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Meeting and exceeding my clients’ wildest expectations.

Welcome to my website, a handy hub where you can link to all the services I provide through my businesses: Your Executive Assistant, Canadian Conference PlannerFileshine and Decisions Need Reasons.  Just click on the logos below to be taken to each website and learn more about what I do – and how I do it.

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, my entire professional life has been focused on helping small and mid-sized businesses, regulatory bodies and professional associations use the limited resources they have to build capacity, be successful and achieve their goals.

Reach me now at 416.939.7755 or

Because building a business is a team sport…and everyone needs a hand.

Providing traditional executive assistance to small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups on an as-needed basis, both onsite and virtually.

Let’s make something beautiful.

Transforming raw data and content into finished documents that you are proud to present to your clients, funders and stakeholders, Fileshine goes beyond graphic design to ensure that content is on message, coherent, proofread and edited to speak in your voice to get the results you are looking for.

Because Decisions Need Reasons.

Working with Ontario-based regulatory bodies and their committees, tribunals, administrative, regulatory and quasi-judicial agencies, boards, commissions and councils to provide accurate and clear and concise well-reasoned decisions in accordance with organization-specific legislation.  Detailed decisions are written in point-first style using plain language to be accessible to all readers.

Putting the “professional” in professional development.

I work with professional associations, non-profit organizations and corporations to develop and deliver quality conferences within Canada.  Services are available at all levels of support, from planning from the ground up and delivering the entire conference to simply providing on-the-floor support during the conference.