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Meeting and exceeding my clients’ wildest expectations.

Welcome to my website, a handy hub where you can link to all the services I provide through my businesses: Salience InvestigationsDecisions Need Reasons and Your Executive Assistant.  Just click on the logos below to be taken to each website and learn more about what I do – and how I do it.

Whether I am investigating a complaint or writing decisions and reasons for a regulatory agency, creating a board meeting package or representing my clients to their clients, my only goal is to meet and exceed my clients’ wildest expectations.

My diverse background gives me the experience and expertise to successfully perform a ridiculously wide range of tasks very quickly and efficiently, allowing me to provide a remarkable level of client support.

Providing my services with absolute discretion, my clients value my loyalty and commitment to strict confidentiality while at the same time appreciating the friendly and welcoming disposition I bring to my work.

Reach me now at 416.939.7755 or or connect with me on LinkedIn

The Search for Salience Continues…

Salience Investigations is a licensed and insured private investigation agency providing highly confidential, experienced and professional investigative services to regulatory bodies, tribunals and other pseudo-governmental agencies concerned with professional and occupational regulation in Ontario, Canada.

Because Decisions Need Reasons.

Working with Ontario-based regulatory bodies and their committees, tribunals, administrative, regulatory and quasi-judicial agencies, boards, commissions and councils to provide accurate and clear and concise well-reasoned decisions in accordance with organization-specific legislation.  Detailed decisions are written in point-first style using plain language to be accessible to all readers.

Because building a business is a team sport…and everyone needs a hand.

Providing traditional executive assistance to small and mid-sized businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups on an as-needed basis, both onsite and virtually.